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Restore is an advanced integrative medical massage therapy organization. Our therapist are internationally certified as both infant and pediatric massage therapists. We are licensed in the state of Michigan to provide in home and hospital based hands on services for special health care and the medically fragile pediatric population. Some of the diagnosis we work with often are, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD  and adolescent depression. Wait, What, You didn’t know it was even a thing right? Well it is, so now what? Well are you ready to RESTORE your Life?

It gets even better…..we want this therapy to be as sustainable as possible for you and your little one… so we created a few courses to help you out! Now you can learn our techniques and customize them to fit in to your everyday routines. Great right?

Its never been easier with our in person and live video courses as well as 1on1 and group classes.

Our CIMT’s (certified infant massage therapists ) will guide you through a step by step process on how to promote proper growth and development in your little one. This 6 week course offers multiple tips and tricks for you and your infant to help you though that tough first year. Just a few tips include solutions to some of these common concerns: colic, teething, gas, reflux, etc. lets not forget massage promotes proper sleep and eating  habits!!!!

Our CPMT’s (certified pediatric massage therapists ) will guide you through a 6 week course at which point you will learn many benefits and techniques for your will learn how to  alleviate common and not so common pediatric complications. Some examples are growing pains, headaches, constipation, gas, teething, inability to focus, depression, anxiety. You will also learn all about how different techniques promote different benefits.

Wait for it……Are you a massage therapist or medical professional?

If so we offer a way for you to RESTORE your career!! learn how to transform the lives of little ones all around you and get some ceu’s to.

Our  internationally accredited, and global renowned instructors hold in person and virtual courses bi weekly. for more information shoot us an email.